Chris Brand ~ Broker / Owner of Agent Group Realty

After several years in the business Chris Brand had a vision of doing business his own way. In 2004 he began his first real estate brokerage. In early 2008 he created a first of its kind “100 percent commission plan” in Charleston, SC which focused on serving experienced real estate agents. His approach was not only considered progressive, but very radical at this time. Chris received a great deal of push-back from brokers who felt he was a threat and even some real estate agents who felt it was a scheme. 

All said he knew for agents to really be competitive in the emerging technological and global based economy so they could be an asset to the public, financial considerations and the proper resources were paramount, and he continued pushing forward.

In April 2016 after Chris Brand sold his first brokerage, Agent Group Realty was born which currently serves Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and is continuing to grow.

Today Chris is still catering to experienced agents, offering them a seamless and efficient system, providing the exposure they need, and he of course is still available to answer any contract related questions.

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