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Agent Group Realty (AGR) and Chris Brand (Broker) was a great find for me. I moved my license with Chris after I completed my due diligence.  I am very impressed with Chris’ rapid response. The monthly fee is negligible compared to the great back office programs and support, the training Chris has arranged for free, the rapid response time on all matters and the ability to have licenses including FMLS in multiple states.  I love the 100% commission with only a transaction fee. I recommend you give AGR a chance. You have nothing to lose. You will be happy you created your company inside of AGR. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Tommy Downey (Broker multiple states.) ~   404-518-4017

My fear of coming to an agency like agent group was that I would be all alone with no one to call and no help. But between Chris and Noela I never feel alone, granted, it's not for new agents they need that support but for an experienced agent they have everything that you need at Agent group! I'm so glad I made the move!! I only wish I had done it sooner!

Monica Ledbetter ~ 864-567-5076

I LOVE Agent Group Realty!! It is the BEST brokerage firm I've been associated with and I've been in the business 30 years!!!!

Linda Revis ~ 423-320-8094

I am happy to join the group. I love the 100% split.

Jenni Wang ~ 864-373-5210

I started with Agent Group Realty September of 2020.After 14 years of being a broker taking home only 70-80 percent of my hard earned sales I made.I had received an email from Agent Group about a year prior but was a little Leary about breaking away from an office that I only visited monthly if that.I was scrolling through some emails and agent group email was in front of me ,so I called Chris and we talked and then I said sign me up all sounds great.Well what a difference in my last four sales with only 300 coming out and the rest for ME already I am 12K ahead and now I count on how to keep going forward and making it all for my family even though I do look back and say to myself why didn’t I do this earlier.Well thanks Chris for starting this company it’s a pleasure working here with you.I would tell anyone who is in this business this is the way to go.

Mike Baruffi ~ 919-720-2779

"I have been a Realtor® since 2006. In the time that I have been an agent, I have been with three big box companies that are known around the world for being in the real estate industry. I was at my first agency for six years before I changed to a different agency. I learned quite a bit from each experience, but the most valuable thing I have learned is that the one and only way I am going to be a success is ALL ON ME. The name of the company doesn't sell me, it merely sells the name of the company. While I had my own office at each of those brokerages, the name on the sign in front of the building did nothing for me. I can count on one hand the number of times someone would walk in the building while I was on call time and ask for an agent to speak with. I can tell you that there was ALWAYS one agent in the building who was the company favorite and ALWAYS got the best leads. Many, many times it was exactly like a popularity contest in high school. And then one day, I met an agent who worked for Broker In Charge, Chris Brand. Chris' company structure and his philosophy of business has changed my entire life. I actually have more time to work, and play, than I did when I was in an office environment under the scrutiny of other agents. I can tell you I would much rather work from my home in private than in an office that harbors gossip, jealousy, judgment, and rumors. If you enjoy competition, weekly office meetings, judging others and being judged, high desk fees, being at the whim of temperature controlled office managers, receiving trophies and awards, plain and simple "drama" instead of a better pay check at the closing and peace of mind along the way- then maybe Agent Group Realty isn't for you. Some people require that structure instead of self-discipline. But, if you want to make your own schedule, benefit yourself rather than the name on the billboard and reap the benefits for your hard work, and a whole lot more- consider making a change today! It changed my life, and I know it will change yours as well!"

Kindest Regards! 

Jesse Childress ~ 864-367-7018    

I have been a licensed Realtor for about 15 years and have worked for several companies. Agent Group Realty does not take much of your time which allows you more time to sell and make money. If you have questions or problems, Chris will be there for you. Agent Group Realty has a great large mortgage company that works well with the agents and they are only a call away. Agent Group Realty has a fantastic commission split and it gets paid quickly after closing.

Conway Andersen ~ 803-412-4979

We recently transitioned our affiliation to Agent Group Realty, LLC (AGR) and have started our own group, Team Cleary Real Estate, Inc. We are very excited to have made the move and are already pleased to see the exposure results, tools and resources are better and more efficient than what we've experienced with two international franchise brands. We chose to affiliate with AGR, because it is a high-tech cloud-based brokerage with over 200 agents serving Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. AGR is doing a much better job facilitating our business than our previous brokerages, without enormous fees and splits. We definitely feel we are better able to spend more time serving our clients' needs and building our business.

Cathy & Wes Cleary ~ 828-808-6790

"I came to Agent Group Realty from a verysmall firm and was looking for more name recognition. AGR definitely gets thatfor its presence in 4 states! You would never know it is a large firm becauseChris is available 24/7 and very prompt in getting back to me about anyquestions I have. Another advantage is that I am based in Columbia, SC but wasable to join the Charleston SC MLS at a much cheaper rate since AGR is alreadyan affiliated member. I also make a lot more money with his 100% commissionstructure. In addition, they have a convenient online "Back Office"system for easy access and storage of your transaction documents. I highlyrecommend Agent Group Realty!"

Linda Rodarte ~ 803-530-7030

“I am extremely pleased with Agent Group Realty. The software is pretty intuitive and there is loads of support when needed. I especially like the free coaching and support from the partners who have aced the online shift of our new normal. Also the 100% split is wonderful in these tough times. AGR a company tailor made for the 21st century” 

Connie Robinson ~ 404-805-3349

Working with Chris Brand of Agent Group Realtyfor a couple of years now has been a real pleasure.
After managing a large real estate office in Arizona for a few years, my wifeand I relocated to South Carolina in 2005.  I obtained my SC broker'slicense and went to work with a franchise office in Myrtle Beach, eventuallybecoming the Broker in Charge.
In the intervening years, I affiliated with a few other offices before I hadthe good fortune to find Chris and his office.  Knowing a good deal when Isee one, I made the decision to hitch my wagon to Chris' and haven’t regrettedit for a moment.
The level of support, communication and compensation cannot be overstated. Agents who are experienced and knowledgeable would be very wise to reachout to Chris today.

Frank Branca ~ 843-655-2957 

I joined Agent Group Realty in the middle of a global pandemic an it was truly the best thing I did during that time... My other company charged crazy office dues, took a split and charge a transaction fee. Not Agent Group Realty.  The low monthly office due of $25 per month, 100% commission split and low transaction fee made my choice a no brainer. I wouldn't choose to hang my license anywhere else. Agent Group Realty is truly for the agent trying to build a career in real estate.

Crystal Brown ~ 843- 737-2912

Agent Group Reality is great for independent agents and support / response time has been excellent. Would recomend for any experienced agent currently with a big traditional real estate firm.

Joy Panchal ~ 678-522-5099

The best real estate broker and brokerage I have worked with in over 15 years of sales. Agent Group Realty is cutting edge efficient, effective, and responsive. AGR commission spilt has always been the market leader. 

Mark King ~ 843-687-5900

Since joining Chris and AGR my life has become less stressful. It is especially great not having a broker looking over your shoulder and pushing you to meet a quota even though you are a contractor. If you can generate your own clients you can earn a whole lot more income with the commission structure at AGR. I don't miss the days when the old agency would keep 30% plus of the commission and provided nothing except their name and comments like "you can do more or you must have  $1M in sales or to stay with our brokerage."

Joseph Hartley ~ 803-917-1268

I'm happy I made the switch to Agent Group Realty. Chris, the broker-in-charge, is always available to provide assistance when needed. The software we use is also very user-friendly. My favorite part is the extremely generous commission structure. If you're looking to keep most of your hard-earned money, make the switch today! 

Noela Sharo ~ 843-991-7720

I have been a real estate agent for 18 years in South Carolina and Virginia and have been associated with major Real Estate companies such as REMAX and Century21. The 100% commission structure with Agent Group Realty is far the best I have received. Add that to the easy access to the software and filing of contracts in the Realty Back Office far exceeds any of the other agencies I have worked with. If you don't need any "hand-holding" Agent Group Realty should help you excel in the real estate business and earn more money for your efforts.

Jim Spring ~ 843-504-6308

I like working for Agent Group Realty and enjoy my 100% split. I like being an independent agent but knowing that I can work on my own pace and still have someone in case I need them to back me up, is wonderful to have.  Anytime i inquiry on something I always get a quick response.  I would most definitely recommend Chris and Agent Group Realty. 

Maria Kozak ~ 864-643-7509

I am very happy being a Realtor at Agent Group Realty. I got my license in Maine back in 2001. I worked for 15 years in Maine for two different agencies and the first 10 years I received a 50% commission split with the broker. With the second broker that went up to 70/30 split until I left Maine and came to SC.
I then went to work for a national brokerage here in Greenville SC. There was a $21,000 cap each year to meet. So for all commissions I received a 70/30 split but out of each commission check I got, a good portion went towards paying down that $21,000 cap. It took about 1.7 million in sales to reach the cap. January of each year the cap reset to 0 and started again.Plus each month I paid office fees, copy fees, technology fees, the list goes on and on. On top of that was mandatory monthly meetings, training, and if you were on a team, team meetings.Dissatisfied with the amount of money I was giving up each month I found Agent Group Realty.
Simple clear policy. 100% commission and I pay $250.00 per transaction. No monthly meetings, no pushing to sell more, and Chris is available for answers to any questions or problems that arise. Great software program to do all your paperwork on-line. I could not be happier being an agent for Chris.
Only cavat, one has to be a self motivated type to do well. There are plenty of other Agent Group Realty agents to bounce ideas off of or seek advice. I used one right here in Greenville to stage a house I was selling. It really worked and the house went under contract after weeks of nothing.Great company, come join Agent Group Realty.

Edward L Nadeau ~ 864-770-3705 

Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with a broker with the compassion, helpfulness, and knowledge of the real estate business that Chris embraces. He is always there for you.
Having the right broker and remaining independent was very important to me. Chris and Agent Group Realty was the perfect fit for me. The agent software is the best, and I love the 100% commission and the LOW monthly fee. So glad I joined Agent Group Realty!

Here ya go... Blessings, Sharon Allen ~ 803-431-9353

Our cloud based real estate brokerage is the best 100 percent commission real estate company in Florida, Georgia. North Carolina and South Carolina.100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage